Allie's Senior Shoot

I was so lucky to meet Allie through her father after I did his head shot session.   She is super down to earth and has some amazing plans for her life all laid out. I love hearing seniors plans for their future.  It gives me hope and joy in our youth.  I love the energy, open outlook and optimism for their future.  Let's face it, life is hard and as adults who have been around before, it is hard to see life quite like the way these young adults do.    It brings me so much joy to listen to them.

I know Allie will accomplish her goals. She has what it takes.  I was fortunate to get to photographer her mother also. These are beautiful ladies and I know Allie has a strong support system in place in her family. Family is so important and documenting family is equally important.  These times flash by our eyes so quickly.  Hands down, photographing seniors and their mothers are my favorite. 

Thank you, Allie, Julie AND Mark for letting me photograph all if you!  

Such a blessing! 

Christy Stich Portraits

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Vendor Spotlight!

One of my most favorite vendors is Jennifer Trotter. She is the owner and principal artist behind bridal beauty team Lip Service Makeup.  Jen is an industry veteran, with 21 years in the wedding biz...she's worked with over 1000 brides!  Wow, not her first rodeo, that's for sure. Her work can be seen in several magazines (including BRIDES, D Weddings and Brides of North Texas) and she also writes beauty articles for outlets like the Bridal Guide and the Today Show....she really knows what she's doing!  She and her team of makeup artists and hairstylists are known for flawless, long-lasting looks and awesome customer service. and Lip Service has been nominated for a prestigious Vendi award (meaning they're a top 5 finalist for favorite beauty team!) 3 years in a row.  In addition to bridal makeup, Jennifer does commercial work, and makeup and hair for maternity sessions, boudoir shoots and headshots. You can view her work and contact her through her website at .

What I love about Jennifer is that she is a solid professional. In this industry this means a million dollors to me. I never have to worry about leaving my clients with her. I know I can go to the venue or studio to set up while my client is getting make up and hair, and relax knowing they will get the best service and be completely satisfied with the results as will I.   She is professional, relatable, extremely knowledgeable and dependable.  Her work is perfection.  I use her often for my boudoir, maternity and head shot clients.  It doesn't hurt that she is right down the street from my studio either. 

You would never go wrong in hiring her for weddings, head shots, boudoir photos or just for a night on the town and you want to look your best.  Check her out at
or in many of my portraits and head shots! 

Have a blessed day!


Photo by Tracy Autem



Nothing Prepares You

Nothing prepares you to be a mom.   You can read all the books and take all the classes, but there is essentially nothing more than life experiences to teach you. Sure those things help you know a little more about the details of care for your child's growth, health and education but to be a mom, you have to be in it. IN it. In every detail of their lives and grow with them. Invest in them.

This man you see pictured here, is my middle-ish child. My second.  My only son.  My son is truly gifted in all ways of music both in instrument and voice, he draws well, is over the charts smart and is now serving our county.  Nothing prepares you to be a military mom.  NOTHNG. Not one book or video will prepare you for this.  The best thing to do is get in a good group of other military moms, grab your Bible and some tissues and hold on tight to the rails as you enjoy the ride.

This will be the first year I am not with my son on his birthday.  It is heart breaking.  I am not sure I will even get to speak to him. I am hoping to though. Often times I want to just get on a flight and sneak him out of his base and bring him home where it is safe and I can see and enjoy him every day.  You know, like it use to be!   However, my better instincts tell me that if I did that, I would probably not see him for a very long time.   So I do like he is, and just hold on. Pray for him and grab onto whatever parts of him I can get and cherish those rare moments. Robert Frost once said, "The best way out is through."  So I guess that is what we are going to do have to do. 

I wonder if he will be ok with me eating all his birthday cake?  :)

Happy Birthday My Sweet Son!  I couldn't have asked for a better son than you! 

I love you, Mom.